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Lokal1 is an international advertising channel for apartments and properties.
The Lokal1 service is available for selling, buying, renting and auctioning.
Lokal1 is an advertising channel for professionals and private individuals.


Available to everyone without registration. All searches are free regardless of language and place of residence.


Lokal1 is an advertising channel for searching for properties and apartments by using emotional attribute algorithms regardless of region, language or background.

In the technical part of the search function, the seller enters the size and price of the object. Note that the search function for type of property may cover several categories. It is possible to search simultaneously for a terraced house, vacation home or forest, for instance.

As a seller, you answer 9 questions about the different emotions your object evokes, and as a buyer, you answer the same questions to record your preferences, and our emotion algorithm matches the object with the preferences.

The text box contains all the information and the story you want to tell about the object, as well as details on the requirements of local consumer protection and law. Please note that Lokal1 is an advertising channel and is in no way responsible for the text entered. You write the text yourself in one or more legal original languages, and then, you, as a seller, can have the Lokal1 translation service translate the text into two other languages.

Lokal1 has several language interfaces, and you can freely switch between the languages ​​at the top of the title bar, regardless of which page or function you are working on. The language of the user interface does not affect the language selection of the text box.

The comment field is there to tell customers what has changed or been added, such as condition review, change of requested price and tender procedure, for instance.

Videos can be entered as links from YouTube and Vimeo, and they can be, for example, a virtual viewing clip or a drone video.

PDF attachments can be entered and named according to content such as manager's certificate, sales brochure, condition review, for instance.

The maps are available in global and local versions and automatically provide location suggestions, which can then be changed manually.

Lokal1 also contains a business register that may be needed when you wish to sell, buy or rent properties or apartments. The property register has a free search and a function for requesting quotes. If you want a quote for bathroom repairs, roof replacement or gardening, for instance, you choose the applicable line of business and Local1 then suggests several options within a reasonable distance from the renovation object. After this you choose five companies that automatically receive an e-mail with a request for a quote. Only registered users of Lokal1 may submit requests for quotes.


  • You can register both as an individual and as a company.

  • After registering, you can submit a sales note for real estate or apartments as well as business services on the portal.

  •  After registering, you can make advertisements for your sales objects and business services.

  • After registering, you can request automated quotes of businesses.

  • We charge a fee for notes and advertisements.



Both private individuals and companies may put up a property for sale or rent. Only registration is required. The object is displayed for four months and can be renewed after that. All information is entered at the same time since no information is available in advance. 

  • Sales note for 120 days: 19,90 euro, inkl. VAT. (normal price from 1.1.2023 is 39,80 inkl. VAT 24%)

  • Additional advertising cost per 1 000 impressions 12,40 euro, inkl. VAT 24%

The notices and ads are published when the payment has been made.


Companies can place several objects for sale or rent. The company enters the necessary business information in advance and several people get the right to use the service. The company buys credits in advace for special price. If you have special requests, please contact the portal's administrators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Additional advertising cost per 1 000 impressions 12,40 euro inkl. VAT

The notices and ads are published when the payment has been made.


Lokal1 is also an international advertising channel for service providers.
Lokal1 is a service register for small and large companies and a search engine for buyers.
When registering, the company ID number shows the company is a legally registered entity and registration with us is free.
After registering, the company is in the service register, and you can choose your visibility from the following chargeable alternatives:

  1. The search criteria for the company can be selected, and space is provided for text, images and logos. The annual fee is 159,50 inkl. VAT 24% untill 31.12.2022 (normal price 319 €)

  2. Tick the box and the company will automatically receive requests for quotes.

  3. Participation in the search engine is free for real estate companies that are already registered on the Local1 portal as advertisers.

  4. A company in the service register can buy advertising on the Lokal1 portal at 12,40 euro inkl. VAT per 1 000 impressions.

The notices and ads are published when the payment has been made.